A Brief History of MPCAC

Our church was a church planting effort initiated by the Chinese Churches Association (CCA) of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) of United States in 1981. Rev. Paul Tse launched the first Sunday Service on November 25, 1981. One year later, the church was formally approved by the CCA and was legally named the Metro Phoenix Chinese Alliance Church.

Previously we have met at Mckemy Middle School, Desert Rose Lutheran Church,Tri-City Alliance Church, Lakeshore Bible Church, Danforth Chapel of Arizona State University, Dobson Academy. We moved to our current permanent location in Tempe during the Mothers' Day of 2009.?

In the past 30 years, we have grown through the leadership of a few pastors - Rev. Paul Tse, Rev. Philip Huynh, Rev. Sing-kin So, and currently Pastor Alan Kwong. Rev. Jeff Lee has also been helping us out in-between transitions of pastoral leadership.

We have the long tradition of ministering to immigrants, students and families, especially to those who speak Cantonese, although many Chinese who speaks Mandarin also attend our services. As we grow and the need for serving English-speaking congregants become imminent, we launched our English service in 2008.

We see the need to reach out not only to the Cantonese and English speaking, but also to the working class besides the professionals, new immigrants besides the old established diaspora, the young besides the adults. We also honor the mandate in the Scripture not just to share the Gospel but also to disciple the believers.

We are a C&MA church at heart, with missions in our blood. We strive to support global missions work around the globe through our support of missionaries, their ministries through our prayers, finances and human resources.


Church Timeline


McKemy Middle School at Tempe (1981 to 1983)

Commissioned by the Chinese Churches Association of C & MA, Rev. Paul Tse arrived in the Metro Phoenix area to plant a new church. On November 25, 1981, the first Sunday service was officially held at the music room in McKemy Middle School with 25 people.


Desert Rose Lutheran Church at Tempe (1983 to 1989)

The new facility afforded more flexibilities to grow the church. Chinese student fellowship started to grow to minister the needs of the students from Hong Kong.


Tri-City Alliance Church at Tempe (1989 to 1999)

All levels of fellowships and Sunday schools were established. The church began to face challenges of planting an English ministry to meet the needs of second generation youth. Building fund was established. Rev. Philip Huynh became the second pastor of the MPCAC starting 1994. Rev. Huynh resigned in 1998 to head up missions in Vietnam. After serving the church for 13 years, Rev. Tse retired in September, 1994 and went into missionary fields in Central and South America. He returned to the US in 1998.


Lakeshore Bible Church at Tempe (1999 to 2008)

Rev. Tse and Dr. Jeff Lee became the advisory pastors and continued to minister the church between 1998 and 2002. In 2002, Rev. Sing-Kin So became the third pastor. The church started to provide community services aiming for Chinese immigrants. Brother Joel Yuen committed to minister to the English-speaking youth and children. Rev. So resigned in November 2007. CCA appointed Rev. Wallace Mang as the advisory pastor. Lakeshore Bible church decided not to renew the lease after August 2008, hastening the need for a new building.  

Pastor Alan Kwong became the fourth pastor of the church in July 2008. A building committee was established to search for both temporary and permanent church building. 


Arizona State University Danforth Chapel at Tempe (September 2008 to April 2009)

The church moved to ASU for Sunday service. Building committee began to focus on finding commercial buildings that could be converted to church usage after several unsuccessful attempts to search for existing church buildings or lands. 


Dobson Academy at Chandler (April 2009 to May 2010)

To find relief from the summer heat, the governing board decided to move to Dobson Academy. Sunday Worship moved up to the morning. Meanwhile, the search for a permanent home continued. After many visits and fervent prayers at the site for 7 consecutive weeks, aided by the loan from C&MA Alliance Development Fund, the congregation pledged to purchase the building near ASU to be our future site. A two-month renovation project began. 


Metro Phoenix Chinese Alliance Church building at AZTech Court, Tempe (May 2010 to present)

The first meeting was held on May 9th 2010, Mother's Day. Minor Renovation continues and most operations and fellowship gatherings are moving back to church.

Building Dedication Service was set on September 25th, 2010.

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